New Image Software has been serving the pest control industry since 1992.

  • I was looking for a better way to manage my 5 technicians and was frustrated with our old paper based system.  Paper shuffling was preventing me from being able to focus on the more important job of building my business.  SmartPest has given me that opportunity and more.  The program is so easy to use that even my most technically challenged employees appreciate the fact that all our 2,000+ customers are organized in an easy-to-use database.

    Our techs use iPads to access SmartPest while in the field and they love the fact that all the information they need is right at their literal fingertips. They now have complete access to all their scheduled stops and can complete "paperwork" on their iPads including the customer's signature, chemicals used and service notes. They can even include photos and graphs with their service notes to add value to our service.

    It's fun to watch our techs progress during the day on the SmartPest Dashboard. I love seeing the customer signature appear on a ticket when the stop is completed! Best of all, the office doesn't have to decipher a tech's handwriting or document chemicals used since they're already entered by the tech. The ease of use is just amazing and eliminating trips to the office has saved us a bundle on fuel and maintenance.

    After 59 years in the pest control business we were seriously in need of an update. SmartPest is just what we needed to take us to the next level of customer service. Thanks New Image for introducing us to the Paperless Office.
    image Jane M. Centazzo | Owner Reliable Pest Control, Inc.
    55 Fatima Drive
    Bristol, RI  02809
  • Absolute Pest Control Services Inc. is all about customer service.  With the help of SmartPest Paperless Office, we can now provide a seamless service to our customers.  SmartPest provides real time information about any customer to our technicians who have the complete service history of each client at their fingertips. They can also review future pending services or special instructions.

    SmartPest easily pays for itself by preventing missed stops….to say nothing of fuel, postage and maintenance expense.

    Absolute Pest Control had been a user of the New Image WDI FX software system for three years prior to switching to SmartPest in early 2013. I have to say the transition was pain free and our techs love filling out their "paperwork" on iPads. I would recommend SmartPest to any size PCO from the single operator to multi-office organization.
    image Conrad Mueller | President Absolute Pest Control Services Inc.
    Calgary, Ab  Canada
  • I have been using WDI FX in my pest control business since 2005. Earlier this year I decided to try SmartPest and all I can say is Wow!.....I wish I could have used iPads years ago. I no longer have to purchase expensive tablets and they are much less complicated than PCs. The all day battery is just great. I also like that fact we can use iPads or iPhones interchangeably so we never have to worry about gaining access to customer data.

    The SmartPest system has given us a definite edge on our competition.  North Jersey Pest Control has been "Proud to be Paperless" for over 8 years and I'll never go back to the old system. Going green has saved me thousands of dollars a year, more than offsetting the monthly cost of the system. I particularly like the fact that New Image takes care of my server so I can focus on providing the great service my customers have come to expect.
    image Russell Sieb | Owner North Jersey Pest Control
    Mount Freedom, New Jersey
  • We have been using the WDI FX system since 1997 and have now completed over 200,000 on-site termite inspections! Thanks to WDI FX we have been able to improve our professional image and capture a large percentage of the termite inspections performed in our market area. Realtors recommend us because they know we can deliver our reports right at the inspection site. This advantage has allowed us to grow our treatment business substantially. Thanks again for developing such great pest software!
    image Robert Wasylina | General Mgr. Bright Pest Control
    Louisville, Kentucky
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