Inspection Forms

WDI & WDO Inspections

Includes NPMA-33 and all US termite inspection forms in an easy to use format.

Also includes a Non-Real estate form, which can be used for residential or commercial inspections in the US or other countries.

Each report includes an optional Addendum page, which can be created using the Library of customizable Findings and Recommendations.

Inspectors can also add Graphs and photos to final reports.

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NPMA-33 Form

SmartPest Software includes the NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report developed by the National Pest Management Association.

HUD approves this form for FHA and VA loans.

It includes a custom WDO form designed in the NPMA-33 format.

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Non-Real Estate

An inspection form created to perform general WDI and WDO inspections for existing residential or commercial structures.

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NPCA-99a & NPCA-99b

Want a great marketing tool for attracting builders?

Save time and money with the official HUD approved NPCA-99a and NPCA-99b soil pretreatment forms included in SmartPest Software.

Each form can be printed or emailed to your new home builders.

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US State WDI & WDO Forms

The Inspections Module is ideal for those who need to perform WDI or WDO inspections.

Includes NPMA-33 and all official state WDI/WDO forms.

Each report includes an optional Addendum with customizable Findings Library.

Graphs can be created with any standard drawing program then inserted into the SmartPest graph page.

Also included is our pest icon library and digital photo manager.

Alabama WDO Report

Alabama Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report, published by Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

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Arizona WDIIR Report

Arizona Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report (WDIIR), published by the Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission.

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California WDO Form

California Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms Report 43M-41, by the California Structural Pest Control Board. 

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Florida WDO

Florida Wood-Destroying Organisms Inspection Report DACS 13645, published by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

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Georgia WDO Form

Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection report form published by the Georgia Structural Pest Control Commission.

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Louisiana WDI Form

Louisiana Wood Destroying Organism Report LPCA-143, approved by the Louisiana Structural Pest Control Commission.

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Maryland WDI Form

The Maryland Wood Destroying Insect Report MD-1 form approved by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

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North Carolina WDI Form

North Carolina Wood Destroying Insect Report WDIR-100 approved by the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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Oklahoma WDO Form

Oklahoma ODAFF 1 & 2 forms published by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry.

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South Carolina WDI Form

South Carolina Wood Infestation Report CL-100 published by the South Carolina Pest Control Association effective 1/1/2013.

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Texas WDI Form

Texas T-4 Report is the official wood destroying insect report form, published by the Texas Structural Pest Control Board.

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Washington WDO Form

The WSPCA Report is the official wood destroying insect report form required by the Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Reporting Criteria found in WAC 16-228-2005 through 16-228-2045.

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