Overview of each module included in SmartPest pest control software, the industry's most user friendly software.

SmartPest Dashboard


Ever wish you had a simple way to take a daily pulse of your business?

The SmartPest Dashboard does that and more. 

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Billing & Contacts

The heart of SmartPest is Billing and Contacts.

Billing & Contacts allows you to view the service history for each prospect, client or vendor.

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Contact Manager

Create and store email messages and contact reports, view history at a glance and much more. As an added bonus you can automatically dial any phone via Skype or go directly to a contact's web page with the press of a button.

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Bid Proposals

SmartPest Bid Proposal forms enable you to quickly and easily create professional bids including customizable guarantee language and customer authorization text.

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The Renewals feature allows you to quickly retrieve expiring warranties for a given time period. Renewals can be created for any type of service then printed or emailed to clients. When a renewal order is accepted, all you need to do is click a button which creates an invoice then records the payment.

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Chemical Tracking

Reporting chemical usage to local and state authorities used to be tedious and time consuming. With the SmartPest Chemical Tracking feature included on each Service Ticket you can create chemical reports for any time period with just a few clicks of your mouse.  The report includes a wizard to help you set start and end dates. Reports can also be printed by address or by county.

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Create a variety of custom contracts so there is no confusion on the customer's part as far as what services are being ordered. With a Tablet PC® or Apple iOS device your clients can sign the contract which is automatically stored in their individual record.

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Soil Pre-Treatment 

These SmartPest forms are great marketing tools for attracting builders.

Both NPCA 99a and NPCA 99b forms are included.

Save time and money by using these easy to complete forms which may be printed or emailed to your builders.

Emailed reports will set you apart from your competition!

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Photo Manager

A picture is worth a thousand words. With the SmartPest Photo Manager you can create an unlimited number of digital photo pages to go along with Service Tickets, WDI Inspections and Bid Proposals. Display 2, 4 or 6 photos per page, each with it's own caption.

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Word Processing

It only takes a few seconds to say "thank you" to your client with the SmartPest Word Processing Module.

Create professional looking business letters, complete with color logos and signatures, which can be printed or emailed to clients.

Predefined letters can be instantly added from convenient drop down boxes allowing you to create an unlimited number of correspondence types.

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