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Welcome to the SmartPest Paperless Office™. What has been promised for years is now a reality…. at a price anyone can afford. How confident are we in saying this? With SmartPest there are no long term contracts, just try it for 3 months and if you are not completely satisfied let us know, and we’ll part friends.


How great would it be for your sales techs to be able to perform inspections, create bids and capture customer acceptance signatures...right at the inspection site? Or, just imagine pest control technicians being able to fill out service tickets and bait station reports that don't require data entry back at the office. What's more, field workers can schedule appointments, record payments, sign forms and check customer history from an iPad, iPad-Mini or iPhone! You'll never need to purchase printed documents again. SmartPest includes all the forms you need for General Pest, Wood Destroying Organism inspections and Animal & Wildlife Control. Need a customer copy? No problem, email one instantly or use a portable printer to create your paper receipt. By the way, SmartPest works with QuickBooks using our optional QB plug-in!







Automated credit card processing

for the office and field

 SP Works with iPad

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SmartPest includes easy-to-follow video instructions for each section of

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SmartPest Paperless Office

System Requirements

windows Windows 8 / 7
macMac OSX 10.8 / 10.7 / 10.6

os maciOS 6 or higher


 Don’t Take Chances With Your Data

SmartPest was designed for the owner operator or multi-user organization. Subscribers can log in from their choice of Windows desktop, laptop, tablet, Mac OS, or iOS device (Internet connection required). User data is backed up on a continuous basis and is stored in a state of the art Tier-3 datacenter. This approach allows you to share real time information between office(s) and field and keeps it safe from theft, fire, floods and natural disasters. Subscription fees include Smartpest Paperless Office software, server hardware, continuous backups, system upgrades and technical support. 


Work from anywhere

SmartPest allows office users to dispatch appointments directly to field personnel over WiFi or 4G. Your vehicle truly

becomes your office. SmartPest users will save enough in printing, postage, labor and fuel to more than pay for itself!



 Increase Your Productivity

Talk about improving efficiency and increasing your bottom line!

Because of the time saved, techs and sales personnel will be able to add one or more extra stops each day while working the same number of hours. And, everyone will love the fact that SmartPest eliminates all that tedious paperwork at the end of the work day.  Last but certainly not least, clients will immediately notice your hi-tech service and updated professional image.


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Proud to be paperless since 2003